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Advances in Sulphonation Techniques

N. G. Ashar
Advances in Sulphonation Techniques

Liquid Sulphur Dioxide as a Solvent of Sulphur Trioxide
Series: SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology

Introduces readers to use of the special properties of liquid SO2 and liquid SO3for research on innovative process of sulphonation reactions.
Illustrates the use of liquid SO3 for recycling the make-up of liquid SO2.
Explains auto-refrigeration due to evaporation of liquid SO2 to absorb heat of exothermic reactions in high pressure reactor in order to recycle evaporated sulphur dioxide.
Describes a scheme of continuous reaction potentially reducing reactor size and capital investment.
Offers insight on low utility consumption and safe and environmentally friendly operations in industrial sulfonation.

This book presents a complete, in-depth analysis for on the impact of liquid sulfur dioxide and liquid sulfur trioxide to carry out complex and difficult sulfonations, as well as consultancy for sulfuric acid with a CAPEX requirement of less than half, an area requirement less than onethird, and no emission of sulfur dioxide. The processes described in this volume represents an innovative approach relevant to the current manufacturing processes of sulfuric acid, sulfamic acid, para toluene sulfonic acid and other sulfonated product.