Chemical Consultant

Consultancy for Sulphonating Agents & Sulphur-Based Chemicals

Chemical Consultant

Consultancy for Sulphonating agents such as Sulphuric Acid, Oleum 23% and 65%, Stabilized Liquid Sulphur Trioxide, Chloro Sulphonic Acid, Sulphamic Acid and Diethyl Sulphate.

Technical Assistance in selection of technologies offered by International companies specifically in the field of Phosphoric Acid and Phosphatic Fertilizers.

Innovative and cost-effective ideas for effluent treatment and management.

Environment and Safety : NEAT also provides high - quality consultancy in the field of Environment and Safety. We undertake independent studies for Environment Impact Assessment (ETA) for new projects or for major expansion of existing consulting facilities as well as Enviro Safety Audits or Risk Analysis.

Revamping and improving efficiency of existing Sulphuric acid, Oleum, Chlorosulphonic Acid, Sulphamic acid, diethyl sulphate, etc.

NEAT has invented a new technology to produce Sulphuric Acid and Sulphonating agents without use of conventional double catalysis double absorption (DCDA). This process will be known as "THE COLD PROCESS" of NEAT.

More than 6 month ago, NEAT has already applied for International Patent at Geneva, Switzerland, for protecting its intellectual rights in signatories of 139 countries.

Since six months have already passed and evaluation team of the International Patent Office has already scrutinized NEAT's application and found that it does not infringe earlier patents or violate intellectual rights internationally, has gazetted our application on their website.

NEAT has been approached by a German Company producing catalyst for conversion of SO2 to SO3 to market the above in India and abroad.

In short, "THE COLD PROCESS" will not require a Sulphur Furnace, Air Blower, Drying Tower, Multi-pass Converter, Intermediate absorption tower, CHE, HHE, Economiser, Final Absorption tower, Acid Circulation System, Cooling towers, Alkali Scrubber and Exhaust Stack.

The Sulphuric Acid Plant using NEAT's COLD PROCESS would require, for the same capacity, half the capital cost, one third the plot are, less than half the utility requirements and would yield higher steam generation of 1.3-1.4 tonnes per ton of Sulphuric Acid instead of 1.1-1.2 tonnes produced by the conventional process. Besides, it will have Zero Emission of SO2.

In conclusion, we are confident that this path breaking innovation would reduce acid rains and produce Sulphuric Acid and Sulphonating Agents at a more economical cost.